Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Behind The Story of 'DEATH TRAP' Video Blog

The first ever video blog for 'DEATH TRAP' has arrived! I been following this project very closely and this is the second post I'm doing for the wonderful creators behind the project. You can read my other article here This video blog you're about to see, goes behind the scenes with the creators to get you familiar with what they're trying to produce. Here they give you an in depth look as to where Death Trap originated from, with that being said, I have to add in that it's sharply different from any other horror film. Horror fans have been on their knees like an adult porn star begging for something original, well, here it is!

You can visit the website at Death for further updates!

Death Trap Video Blog #1 - "Behind The Story" from Deandra Spinner on Vimeo.

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