Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Fears! Official 'DEATH TRAP' Website Launches today.

The film Death Trap has been a working process for quite sometime. Director Deandra Spinner has officially launched the official site for her upcoming horror flick Death Trap Official Site 

Although the site was just launched, it's still in its early stage. Keep a sharp look out for updates that will include  news, video blogs, photos and an eye candy more of delicious treats!

The poster and one-sheet above caught my eye from the very start, what horror fan in thier own mind doesn't get slap happy to see a pair of sexy legs dangling out of a bath tub covered in blood? I sure for one was thrilled! There's an old saying of mine, "I love the way those legs go up and make an ass out of themselves", well, these are those legs!

The plot synopsis illustrates that it's set in the fictional town of Hidden Glades, 'Death Trap' follows the story of 6 friends on Halloween in what promises to be a night of mischief and debauchery.

The night quickly turns sour when a deadly combination of Florida wildlife, inclement tropical weather and a youthful assumption of invincibility set the stage for an accident that destroys the car and leaves the group stranded in the dark interior of the night.

Shock and panic ensue and emotions run high. Quick-tempered Jake disappears into the dark. Derek and Jamal search for their furious friend while the girls stay behind. Eventually, the girls’ patience wears thin and they set out to seek help on their own. They will all soon discover that alligators are not the only predators living in the state of Florida.

Stay tuned for further updates and check out Death Trap on twitter @death_trap on myspace at Death Trap and of course the official site.


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Thanks for bringing this to light Johnny. I'll be signing up for updates. And yes, I can see why the poster caught your eye ;)

"RATED R" [JohnnyHorror] said...

You're welcome Sarah! I been working close with the director of the film to make sure the word gets out on it. The poster is easily eye catching!