Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: I Spit On Your Grave

Well it's time for me to swallow a big gulp of water and write about the horrific film I have just witnessed. "I Spit On Your Grave", also known as Day Of The Woman, the original title. This film is about a woman that lived by a lake, not crystal lake, but a lake that was much more of a nightmare than anything else. This woman during the movie is chopped, crippled and mutilated beyond recognition, but no jury in America would ever convict her for her retribution.

The movie starts off very peacefully in a quiet setting near a lake, with trees and nice scenery.

A woman pulls up to a local gas station and there are about three or four guys hanging around to buy some gas. You can just tell these guys are pieces of human feces. As she leaves and goes back to her quiet little cabin in the woods, she decides to order some groceries from a local market. The delivery guy, who is a total idiot, plain and simple, delivers her the groceries, and the master plan begins.....

The woman is lounging by the lake in her bathing suit writing a novel, when two guys in a speed boat start doing spins in the water to get her attention. She does not want any part of the foolishness. A day or two later while the woman is continuing to write her novel, the same two men start racing around her in circles, and they grab the rope of her row boat and drag her to a secluded part of the woods, and now I start to shake and get very emotional as I write the next part.

As the woman is running away from the four men she is cornered and her clothes are all ripped off. She then is brutally assaulted, held down and raped by only one of the guys. She then takes off, and a few minutes later they grab her and another piece of shit takes his turn and this time it's worse as they throw her over a rock, and violate her, and rape her, and punch her in the back. This scene makes me want to fucking cry, just to think stuff like this happens to women everyday. And there's more. She makes it back to her home and.....Well I really can't go on with this rape shit, I feel guilty and disgusted for writing this, The first 40 minutes is emotionally disturbing and horrific.

Now here's the part I can't wait to write about. The woman, very strong-minded, decides to take matters in her own hands, and boy does she make those scumbags pay. The woman seduces each man to their painful and very enjoyable deaths, and I was cheering her on. Oh boy was I cheering her on. The first guy gets hung in a noose. She then takes the second guy back to her home and seduces him in the bath tub, and then one of my favorite scenes of any movie I have ever seen takes place: The woman is sitting in the bath tub with one of the men that raped her, she pulls out a meat cleaver, sneaks it under the bubbles as they are taking a bubble bath, and then cuts his ----right off!!!! Blood is glowing like a river of five inch cell phone screens lighting up a theater, like a firework display. The woman gets up and locks the bathroom door, puts on a record of her favorite song, and sits in her chair with a smile on her face as she listens to this man screaming and bleeding to death. I love this right now!!!!! That was bitter sweet.

As each sinister act of violence was portrayed by this woman you could hear these men beg for their lives, and she never showed any emotion. She kept to her plan and it was awesome. I'm not going to get into much more, but the ending with the last two guys is great as well, as it involves an axe and a speed boat. The first 40 minutes were bothersome, just to think that stuff happens everywhere to innocent women everyday in the world. I wanted to smack that guy blaming the woman for dressing nice, blaming it on her. Well he got his, and his was floating at the bottom of the bath tub.

This was one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen due to its graphic nature, and it makes Last House on the Left look like a movie for children. Will I recommend this film? No! This film is something you have to make a choice about if your mind is strong enough to handle a powerful film like this. If you decide you can watch it, then enjoy it because you will be cheering this woman on 'til the bloody end.

I Am What I Say I Am "Rated R" [JohnnyHorror]

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