Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review: [REC]

As tasty as a water mellon filled with vodka, [REC] is quite possibly one of the most intoxicating horror films to come out in a long time. Directed by Jaume Balaguero, "REC" is a film that looks very similar to the "Blair Witch Project", This film is very reminiscent of a first person video game. Director Jaume Balaguero uses just a hand held video camera to capture the horrific measures of realism. [REC] is overly scary, A movie so driven that it makes washing your hair with battery acid feel more pleasant. Simply, [REC] rocks you in the face and stabs your brain with your nose bone. This movie is a film that will give you the shivers, the same kind of feeling you might get when you think about flossing your teeth with razor wire.

The atmosphere of the film is gritty like a pebble found in your clam chowder, where as The United States version "Quarantine", was polished and made to look like a typical Hollywood film. The scenes of [REC] are gritty with a dark, claustrophobic settings, which sets the bar for an intense atmosphere. [REC] is a short, very effective film that will go down in history like a prostitute bobbing on your apples!

[REC] starts off with a news reporter, the ever so cute Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her camera man Pablo who is the one filming her documentary. The documentary is about the lifestyle of a small time fire station. Both Angela and Pablo are about to embark into a night of dread as the fire station receives a call to rescue an elderly woman, Not knowing the fearfulness that is soon to follow, this unknown call could be the very last night they embark on. As the group of fireman, police and camera crew arrive on the scene they walk upstairs to hear that the docile night air is penetrated by the sound of death- defying screams, things take a turn for the worse. They find the elderly woman creeping around her apartment dripping with blood from her mouth, as this is happening, the building is being sealed off by the government allowing no one from the building to escape. With no escape the crew finds out later that they have no way out. They find themselves surrounded by frightened residents who are infected with a violent bacterial infection.

These infected have so much power, As the carnage is building deeper and deeper, the government sends in the center of disease and control to take samples of the infected. As all hell starts to break loose like a soccer riot, we have the infected fleeing up the stairs like they were on crack cocaine, They were freaking animals! They were like a pack of wolves looking to feed on anything they could sink their teeth and gum lines into, If they got a chance they would Pop your blood sockets and drink you dry. 

As we get deeper into the film, we fear for those who are trapped to the point of no return. The last 20 minutes will carve a memory in your mind so that you will never forget what you have witnessed.

Angela and her camera man Pablo are searching for a key to release themselves from this building and end up in this room, This room, could very well be the last breath of air they take if they don't make it out alive. Both Angela and Pablo come across news articles and audio tapes of some kind of demonic possession. The ending in what could be one of the scariest and vivid moments ever caught on film. My teeth were clenched and my jaw felt locked as I found myself tense in excitement nearly ever couple of minutes. [REC] is one of the best Spanish horror films in recent memory. Those final 10 minutes will go down in history, I can assure you that.

I Am What I Say I Am - Rated R [JohnnyHorror]

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