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SERIAL: Amoral Uprising

In SERIAL: Amoral Uprising the creator, writer and director K.M. Jamison introduces us to his fictional character Trenton Wade Bracks and his nihilistic world by giving us an indication of how and when things started to go so wrong for the lad. Already an accustomed victim of a physically and mentally violent upbringing, raised by an abusive and sharp-tongued junkie mother along with a weak father who never took a stand until it was too late are just a small portion of the character’s downward spiral. SERIAL: Amoral Uprising is a 58 minute introduction and companion piece that was funded and produced on an independent scale that will begin to guide us though the rise and fall of a sociopathic serial killer one step at a time. In this early version we see through the eyes of both a young Trenton with sadness and despair as well as an older Trenton fresh out of the pen with a nonchalant sense of reckless behavior. Deeply inspired by crime/horror films such as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Maniac, Kalifornia and legendary true crime author Ann Rule; the actions and events that transpire throughout Trenton’s story are in fact inspired by a large number of true cases such as Ted Bundy, Henry Lee Lucas, Richard Speck and Tommy Lynn Sells just to name a few. Writer and director K.M. Jamison has informed us that he has plans to shoot the full feature sometime in the summer of 2010 depending how things work out with promotion of SERIAL: Amoral Uprising which is set to be released on dvd sometime in December of 2009. 

My review and take on such a ruthless film: SERIAL: Amoral Uprising is a horror film that uses the techniques of real life fear. As a child Trenton Wade Bracks lived with his mom and dad. Throughout his childhood he was verbally and physically abused by his mother. The mom would cuss and whip him in the basement because she didn't want anything to do with him. Trenton, tired of his mother drinking, doing coke and beating him could not put up with living with her, his feelings towards his mother was that he couldn't wait to move away from her, he wanted her to die. Trenton's dad was a respectable, loving father who looked after Trenton, taught him life's little lessons and tried to bring him up the best he could. A night turned into sheer terror was soon to follow. Tired of his mothers ways, Trenton told his dad what was taking place, the unthinkable happened and as Trenton's mother found what he had been telling his dad, she took it upon herself to splatter the dads brains all over the wall, the bloody mess looked like a virgin that just had her cherry popped! 

The opening act of the film is what sets up the earth shaking end. Horror fans, have you had enough sex in your healthy diet? SERIAL: Amoral Uprising opens with a sexually driven female, horse back riding on a wooden stick, you get the point. A very dark and surreal  scene of pleasure quickly turns into a vicious murder. Now this opening scene has very much to do with the ending of the film. I can't tell you exactly what takes place as it would ruin your viewing experience but let me tell you this, the ending had jolted me with the likes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 and Wes Craven's Last House On The Left. The ending scenes will quickly jump start your witty brains to those two films because of the nature of what is taking place. 

SERIAL: Amoral Uprising is not your typical mother don't love me gimmick, it goes a lot deeper. With growing up, in and out of prison all Trenton knew was violence and torture, kinda made him happy as a 13 year old opening up his first porn magazine, he thought violence was an ok thing to do. He did what he knew, what he thought was life. I think many people will feel very different on how they interpret the film. The film itself is fictional, it goes elastic on your ass and stretches your imagination to make it feel like a real life documentary about a serial killer. 

Kevin Jamison - creator of  'SERIAL: Amoral Uprising' gives us fans a taste of horror reality, the kind of horror you might see on your evening news and flip the channel, we don't like reading about the reality of real life horror and violence but this film alone justifys how psychotic the human mind works. Maybe, just maybe this whole ordeal with Trenton Bracks is real, and maybe he's the one living next door!

I Am What I Say I Am 'RATED R' [JohnnyHorror]

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