Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Storm Warning for selected cities: 'FROZEN' emerges!

Imagine going on a snowboarding trip only to have your ski lifts get stuck leaving you trapped hundreds and hundreds of feet above in near white out conditions, nowhere to go, with no one to help and temperatures rapidly dropping below freezing, so cold that it can rip through the skin like hydrochloric acid, yes! this is that fuckin' film.

The winter time chill in the air is wreaking havoc across the US bringing winter storm after winter storm. The next winter storm that will be plaguing selected cites are going to be caused by Adam Green, Director of Hatchet, with his new film 'FROZEN'  Earlier today on Adam Green's facebook page, he announced that a few selected cites will feel the winter chill from Frozen. A ton of work has been put into this project from horror enthusiasts for horror enthusiasts. The more we can spread the word about this film the better, when it comes to Green's talent there is no such thing as over-hype, so spread the joy! Get ready for the deep freeze because when Frozen creeps into your theaters, it'll be sharper then a nipple piercing through ones shirt!

Here's the official statement from Adam Green himself: I just saw an update on theaters for FROZEN next weekend. Theaters are still being added daily- but right now it's got MULTIPLE screens and areas within Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Chicago. Start spreading the word and making your plans for next Friday and Saturday night! If you guys support it, it will come to a theater near you a week or so later.

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