Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cabin Fever Review

A group of five friends decide to go into a forest wasteland for some wild partying and sex-driven madness, they have yet to realize that a serene setting setting in the woods is going to turn into a putrid bloody-mess.

Leaving the college campus the group of friends, Paul ( Rider Strong), Karen (Jordan Ladd), Bert (James DeBello), Marcy (Cerina Vincent), and Jeff (Joey Kern), stop at a local desolated gas station, they are confronted by some local nuts jobs, which is very reminiscent to the familiar "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974", "Hills Have Eyes", and "Wrong Turn". All of those movies have a different aspect of the way they produce each character. "Cabin Fever", showcases this brat kid named Dennis, who is sickly entertained by biting the customers and yelling, "PANCAKES". Burt happened to fall victim of a bite and got very hostile to the parent who was in charge of Dennis. A few minutes of shopping for munchies, alcohol and the casual camping supplies, the friends are off and on there way to PARTY.

Not knowing where they are going because of a slight mix up from not labeling the map, the friends decide to take a shortcut, this unfortunate mishap could end up being the last place on earth they ever get to see again.

At this point the director builds each characters personality for the rest of the film. Burt, a lonesome, simple-minded guy who is mainly concerned about hunting squirrels and drinking booze. The other two, Jeff and Marcy are a sex-driven couple that spend their time testing the springs in the bed. Paul and Karen round out the group as the two that are in a puppy love relationship.

Hours later after some campfire storytelling a contagious man approaches the cabin with a sudden knock on the cabin door. The friends startled by this, open the door to see that this man's skin is melting off of his face like a marshmallow searing over an open flame. With his skin oozing in gory faction the group realizes this is far worse then a gun shot wound, fearing for their lives, they run out to fend him off. He hops into the jeep and begins to up-chuck blood all over the windows, at this point he has reached internal bleeding and his bloody insides are surfacing faster then the Major League Baseball steroid scandal.

Death becomes the man, he's laying face down in the reservoir, Disease is rapidly spreading into the drinking water. Contamination begins to ravage the campsite bringing buckets and buckets of gruesome carnage! The transmittable virus is spreading faster then a brothel full of whores and each blood soaked scene covers your eyes like Nestle's chocolate, covers a peanut.

One by one the friends begin to suffer from this harsh disease, not knowing who to trust, they begin to fight for their lives. The reality of this happening is scary, is it something we could face with our friends? If it had happened to me, you bet your bottom dollar that it would go down with having steamy sex with Cerina Vincent, she's as sultry as the surface of the sun, although when it comes to her accidentally mutilating herself, I tend to think the double stacker in your pants would begin to shrink in size. For the most part the movie, is what it is. Some scenes were off key and took the mood out of the tension that was building up. The one question remaining is: Does the viral infection kill the campers? or do they make it out alive. This film is hit or miss/Love or Hate.

I Am What I Say I Am "Rated R" [JohnnyHorror]

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