Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Italian Horror making a GRUESOME return. Trailer for 'Mad In Italy'

Italian Horror which was made extremely popular by the likes of Fulci, Argento and Bava seems to be making a bloody return, very shortly. There hasn't been to much in the way of Italian horror the last few years, the French and Spanish have really been making a name for themselves leaving Italian horror in the dust. A newcomer on the scene known as Paolo Fazzini is looking to stir up some sadistic Italian horror with his upcoming film ' MAD IN ITALY' From seeing this trailer (featured below) I'm revved up like a 67 Shelby Mustang, a possible return of Italian horror could be the juicy cherry on top!

Mad in Italy is a truly disturbing psychological horror movie based on true events about one girl's ordeal to stay alive at the hands of a young maniac.
The feature film (now in post-production) was produced by the Italian E2=G Productions and represents Fazzini's first feature film as a director, following his work Hanging Shadows (distributed in USA by Cinema Guild), a documentary that presents an informative historical overview narrated by the Italian masters of horror Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Sergio Stivaletti, and many others.
Mad in Italy features a haunting original score by composer Mario Salvucci (Jessicka Rabid by M. Reel, Silent Night Zombie Night by S. Cain) and amazing cinematography by one of the most talented Italian directors of photography Mirco Sgarzi (House of Flesh Mannequins by D. Cristopharo, Orgy of Blood by C. Creepersin)

Source: Dread Central


Jayson said...

There's been a stream of cheap horror trickling from Italy over the past decade, but the good ol' days are long gone never to return, sadly.

"RATED R" [JohnnyHorror] said...

Jayson - I totally agree with you, there's been films released here and there but nothing worthy of generating a huge audience like the golden days. Hopefully this will be a solid thrust into another era of Italian Horror.