Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Need Some Real Life Horror/Paranormal In Your Life? Ghost Hunt! Updated

 Normally here at Horrorland, we cover various recent upcoming news about horror films. This article is a little different, but it favors what we do here, and that is twisting a nipple or two to raise awareness in your brain. Not only is this a site for featuring horror news like I mentioned above, but we like to get a little "MACABRE", and that's what this is. 

I wanted to bring attention to Rhode Islander's about an organized group called 'Ghost Hunt RI Organized Search Team', they are a local Paranormal Investigation group named "G.H.O.S.T." which stands for Ghost Hunt Organized Search Team, and are from the boiling pots of Warwick Rhode Island. You can follow them on facebook

Quoted by Erin , One of the team investigators: I had an amazing time. We caught alot of EVPS and had amazing responses! We actually had to stop investigating and went back to base because we had too much activity in one room and we didnt want to contaminate it by people walking around, so we sat and watched the screen for 2 hours ( we have cameras set up in each room, and thankfully this room had aduio set up) for 2 hours we sat thre and heard voices, whispering, banging and clicks, it was a great investigation. I can wait to see the rest of the evidence.

Check them out if you're from the spooky area of Rhode Island, maybe you'll see something beyond a fictional movie that will bang your nuts into your mouth!

The official website is 

Also check out: THE TEAM

By [RATED-R] JohnnyHorror

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JennyB said...

I always wanted to go ghost hunting myself. It would be so fun to do that, it's a thrill that I've been looking for :D