Saturday, October 16, 2010

Like Halloween? Check out, 2010 Halloween Horror Nights Scary Good Film Competition - Trick

Here's a little something creative that has been passed along my way. It's something called 'HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS' The main interest is what is called "HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS SCARY FILM COMPETITION." The competition itself start with well over 100 film makers and now it's narrowed down to the final 10. You can check out the 10 video shorts here and decide what you like the best!

The one brought to Horrorland's attention is a short film called 'TRICK' which was done by Willrot Check out this NASTY little flick, Halloween lovers, get the Kleenex ready cause this one will make you bust a nut of jizz once you see it. This short has Halloween nostalgia flowing like liquor down an ice luge!

Extra news on Halloween Horror Nights: Prepare for a new level of terror at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights where horror legends come to life. Experience 5 new mazes based on the most popular horror themes and movies of all time.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street™ with Freddy Krueger™
  • Friday the 13th™ with Jason Voorhees™
  • Saw featuring horrific new traps from the film series
  • House of 1000 Corpses in 3D Zombievision — created by horror expert Rob Zombie
  • Vampyre: Castle of the Undead 
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JennyB said...

I really wish I was able to go to this, it looks so good. I hope the house of 1000 corpses maze will still be there next Halloween then I'll be sure to check it out.