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'GIRLS NIGHT OUT' Press Release

Girls Night Out is an independent short film written and directed by K.M. Jamison that profiles an account of the life and crimes of a fictional highway serial killer and sociopath named Trenton Wade Bracks. Greatly inspired by films such as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer , Maniac, Kalifornia and the works of legendary true crime author Ann Rule; Girls Night Out is the second installment a part of K.M. Jamison’s SERIAL series which will act as a continuation of his prior film titled SERIAL: Amoral Uprising.

SERIAL: Amoral Uprising Trailer from Vicious Malicious on Vimeo.

In Amoral Uprising the creator, writer and director K.M. Jamison introduces us to his fictional character Trenton Wade Bracks and his nihilistic world by giving us an indication of how and when things started to go wrong. SERIAL: Amoral Uprising is a 58 minute showcase film that will begin to guide us though the progression and development of Trenton’s life one step at a time, similar to a televised biography of an American criminal. Since it’s premiere at the Summer Slaughter film festival hosted by Mitchell Wells of, SERIAL: Amoral Uprising has managed to attract a large amount of positive attention from industry based websites such as, Dead Pit Radio,, Dread and

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SERIAL: Girls Night Out will serve as a way to keep development of the story moving until financial aid is established for production of a feature film based on the life and crimes of Trenton Wade Bracks. In order to achieve a global exposure for Girls Night Out and commercial the possibility of a feature film, K.M. Jamison’s production company (Black Eye Entertainment) along with co-producer Mitchell Wells of will be showcasing the product through means of independent film festivals, magazines, fan based conventions and online marketing until distribution of the film is established. Girls Night Out will also be available for purchase through the website once post production of the film is complete sometime later this year.

Synopsis: Based five years after the tragic events of SERIAL: Amoral Uprising, Girls Night Out is a continuation of the fictional life profile of a manipulative sociopath and serial killer named Trenton Wade Bracks. Highly influenced by the disturbing true case files of former death row convicts Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas, Girls Night Out tells the horrific story of two unsuspecting sorority sisters from the University of Memphis that happen to cross Trenton’s path while spending time at the bar on a “girls night out”.


Christopher Howell as Trenton Bracks
Deneen Melody as Kendra Reid
Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Sarah Caide
Kaylee Williams as Deanna Shaw
Kelsey Zukowski as Crystal Wright
Marv Blauvelt as Officer Harmon
Jared Degado as Officer Novak

For more information on Girls Night Night, Amoral Uprising or updates regarding the status of the SERIAL project please feel free to visit the film’s official website at

K.M. Jamison
True Crime Writer | Indie Filmmaker

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