Friday, August 6, 2010

'THE EXORCIST' Red Band, Blu-Ray Trailer. Includes never before seen footage.

THE GRAND DADDY OF HORROR FILMS, 'The Exorcist' will be released this October 5th. The red band trailer below features some footage that's never been seen before. Many of you might want to turn on the lights, and grab your significant others hand, because this red band trailer will make you wimp in agony as you blame Horrorland for scaring the nipples off your chest. take notice of the flashing face of the demon,

 you never know, it might be right behind you! Then on October 5th, go buy the HD Blu-ray, you won't be disappointed, unless you're the one vomiting pea soup into the commode.

By "RATED R" JohnnyHorror

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