Sunday, February 7, 2010

Personalized Bloody Zombie Shirts? yes, you heard right!

A cool as the winter air, here's a special little treat for zombie fans. This exclusive is a skydiver and feels even better then a wet tongue caressing an ample breast so get your personalized Intramural Zombie Hunter T-Shirt! This had Horrorland stoked to tell it's fans about the shirt. 

Check out for your exclusive shirt!

Normally one of our best sellers at $24, this shirt is currently marked down to $16 for a limited time!
Be proud to show your involvement in the war against the walking dead, and remember: get out there, have fun, and KILL AS MANY ZOMBIES AND VAMPIRES AS YOU CAN. This shirt is available with multiple levels of gore, so you can get it as bloodied (or unbloodied) as you'd like.

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