Monday, February 8, 2010

Dante's Inferno vs Bioshock 2: A battle of HISTORIC proportions!

Every now and then there is a historic battle: The Boston Red Sox Vs The New York Yankees, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania or Chris Brown vs Rihanna (well not so much that one) whatever the case, February 9, 2010 the fight continues with Dante's Inferno Vs Bioshock 2. Gamers everywhere will be spending their hard earned cash this time on video games this week instead of a pair a tits at a strip club, if you can do both, go ahead!

Horrorland is a big fan of games and being that these two games have quite a bit of the horror element in them, we had to inform you all. Dante's Inferno is a hack and slash, barbaric, splatgasm of a game where as Bioshock 2 deals with jumps, scares and a unlimited amount of FUCKIN' AWESOME! Get in your car, grab a cup of hot joe and stand in line if you can deal with the bitter cold weather because at 12 am February 9th, Gamestop and Best Buys are opening their doors like Paris Hilton opens her legs: everybody's going in!

Check out the game trailers below!

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