Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rooming with Leighton Meester? 'THE ROOMMATE' Trailer!

The thoughts about rooming with Leighton Meester have my mind filled with passion, and the thoughts of her in some sexy lingerie. Yeah, that's my fantasy, folks. Although, I might have to reverse that thought after what I've seen from the trailer. This is one of those "I'll cut your pecker off" type of  teen revenge flicks. Basically it's about a disturbed college freshman who becomes infatuated with her new roommate. Girl on girl scene? maybe, but my mind has PG-13 all over this flick. What ever the case, the movie has the Gossip Girl queen in it, and that's good enough to get the crotch juices flowing.

Trailer Below courtesy of yahoo

By 'RATED-R JohnnyHorror


JennyB said...

this movie looks badass, hopefully it wont suck. I haven't heard of this movie till now. Thanks for posting it!

Horrorland said...

You're welcome Jenny! I hope it's as good as it looks. Kinda has that 'Single White Female' vibe.

JennyB said...

It totally does! That movie was also badass. I didn't even noticed that till you pointed it out.