Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eli Roth's plans for 'THANKSGIVING' is still in the works?

In 2007 "Grindhouse" released the films Planet Terror, and Death Proof, we all got a glimpse of a trailer called 'THANKSGIVING', which had horror fans buzzing in excitement. Eli Roth says he still plans on bringing this holiday slasher flick to the big screen.

Here's the take on all of this: We've seen four "FAKE" trailers released by 'Grindhouse', one has already been made by director Robert Rodriguez and that's 'Machete', and it's set to hit the big screens on September 3rd. Now since 'Machete' has been completed, one would think the rest of the three trailers would get the spotlight and made into complete films. Roth, who knows what horror fans like, truly could make 'Thanksgiving' a memorable slasher flick, if he were to go through with it.

This is what Eli Roth had to say to cinemablend: I’ve been working on the script with my co-writer, Jeff Rendell, who plays the pilgrim in the trailer. And it’s me imitating Jeff’s voice [for the narration]. But Jeff has been working. I said that his deal is he has to work on the script while I’m promoting The Last Exorcism, and as soon as I’m done in mid-September he’s going to fly to California, we’re going to sit down, and bang out the script. 

While Roth did say that both he and Rendell are committed to making the film, he does have some concerns about their working relationship.

As much as I love all of the fake trailers in Grindhouse, from Nicolas Cage playing Fu Manchu in Zombie's to Nick Frost as the cannibal baby in Wright's, Thanksgiving has always been far-and-away my favorite of the group. Moments such as the trampoline knife (big ouchie), and the pilgrim having sex with the human-turkey at the end remained in my head all the way through to the end of Death Proof


By 'RATED R' JohnnyHorror

source: beyond-hollywood


JennyB said...

I don't know about this. I'll keep an open mind though

Aleata Illusion(GoreGoreDancer) said...

I'm very excited for this! And I love your page Johnny, it gets more pimped out and awesome everytime I look at it!

Horrorland said...

Jenny- The 2 minute trailer could be as good as it gets, but I'm optimistic for it.

Aleata- I hope it gets made, we need a fresh slasher flick! Thank you for the site comment, it's well appreciated.

Coach Tammy said...

OMG... I want to un-watch that trampoline scene.

JennyB said...

I just gave you the zombie rabbit award!


Horrorland said...

Thanks Jenny!