Thursday, April 1, 2010

The MARCH of Death, Day 26: 'Doghouse'

Unfortunately for the writer and director of 2009’s Doghouse what they have produced is absolutely NOT remarkable. The problem here is either the timing of their film, or the fact that they simply have nothing original to offer. In many ways this has been done before, much more successfully, with the likes of: Black Sheep, Severence, and The Cottage. It seems Vince just isn’t coming to terms with his divorce. Thank goodness for friends, as they attempt to come to his rescue. As each male in this story has their own issues with the female gender, they drag him off on a weekend of drunken madness to help them all forget what ails them. Arriving in the village of Moodley, the women outnumber the men at nearly three to one. Unfortunately these women are blood thirsty Zombie-like crazies with a craving for man flesh. Doghouse isn’t terrible. It’s just not really anything special. The acting is fine, the direction is uneventful, the effects decent, but the humor just falls flat. Been there, done that.

Director: Jake West
Starring: Danny Dyer and Stephen Graham

5/10 Farmhouses ~ Chris Conduit

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