Monday, April 19, 2010

'Book of a 1000 Deaths'

There's a film that's being produced by Andretti Dante called 'Book of 1000 Deaths.'  The website is still under construction as of this moment, but it's about to crack open very shortly. You can follow Andretti Dante on his twitter and keep up with his project. The trailer is added below, check it out and tell us what you think.

Check out  and of course the official website soon to be open. Bookof1000Deaths

Plot synopsis: Lila The Legend Teller and her frisky sidekick Whiskers brings you four stories that are more then just myths or fairy tales ….these are urban legends, with endings that are far from happy.

The first legend is “The Clown Statue” with Jasmine a college freshman struggling to make ends meet, so she takes up babysitting to make cash while going to school. Jasmine takes up the job of watching the Newton’s kids Allie and Jonas. But little did Jasmine know that she would be a victim to a deranged serial killer who dresses up like a clown out to kill all babysitters.

The second legend is “Kidney Jacking” Misti a everyday nine to five office desk worker has the worst Friday. When she stops by her boyfriends house that morning to catch him sleeping with another woman. Misti decides to go out with friends from work to their favorite bar. Misti ends up meeting James a british fellow that is buying Misti drinks to make her feel better about what happen with her boyfriend. After one to many drinks Misti blacks out. Only to wake up in a bathtub filled with ice and her kidney missing. Misti must do whatever she can to escape from the house and find help before it’s to late.

The third legend “Bloody Mary” involves six mid 20 year old friends who meet up for a friendly get together at Scott and Jessica’s house. When the friendly bunch find out that Monica has never played Bloody Mary growing up. The group of friends peer pressure Monica into playing to show her its not real. After some drinking and joking around the group performs the ritual of calling Bloody Mary…..not knowing that on this night Bloody Mary would appear and she was coming to kill everybody.

The fourth legend “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” follows two college roommates Nate and Vince. Vince who happens to be a real ladies man…..while his roommate Nate has just recently been dumped by his girlfriend. Go out for a college party with Vince’s teammate Briggs. This is one party Vince wish he would’ve missed, because on this night Vince may have met his match when it comes to the ladies.

Lila The Legend Teller and Whiskers tell these legends while joking around about the victims who lose their lives….

by JohnnyHorror 


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

This looks great! Scared me. Thanks for the heads up!

Horrorland said...

you're welcome Sarah! We're stoked here at Horrorland too for this project.