Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Violent Images from 'Hard Ride to Hell'

Here's some of the latest stills from the film 'Hard Ride to Hell.' Remember Kathrine Isabelle from Ginger Snaps and Freddy vs Jason? Well, shes back along side of Miguel Ferrer as they fight along side one another to battle devil worshiping bikers. This May on DVD you'll be able to see the barbaric nature of Hard Ride to Hell. Beyond Hollywood  reports that Spike TV could also show the film. Nothing yet is set in stone as to when Spike will air it. I'm sure it will be heavily edited so we urge you to see the DVD if you need a little blood and carnage in your life.

Plot synopsis: A lonely stretch of Texas desert highway leads a group of campers on a one-way ride to hell after witnessing an obscene blood sacrifice. Now, with a group of biking devil worshipers on their tail, they are pawns in an ancient battle between good and evil. Pursued to a decrepit old church in a ghost town, the campers fall victim to a new hell – a strange young boy harboring a terrifying secret and a priest with a terrifyingly divine mission of his own.

By JohnnyHorror

Source: Dread Central

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