Saturday, March 6, 2010

The MARCH of Death, Day 6: MAY

REMINDER: These reviews will be brief, as there are 31 in total to write this month. The purpose is to give a few brief thoughts about each film and consequently open the door to discussion. 

May seems to be one of those genre films that everyone has heard about. The general consensus is overwhelmingly positive. However, May also seems to be a highly regarded genre film that not all that many people have seen. I was in this camp for many years. It was just one of those movies that I had difficulty making time for. When I finally sat down with Lucky McKee's little film that could last year, I was floored. Angela Bettis and McKee have worked together two other times: Roman and The Masters of Horror's Sick Girl. I have to say, although these other two partnerships were mildly successful in their own ways, May is one of those rare moments where the film fairy smiles generously down upon both director and actor at the very same moment. Ms. Bettis gives a performance that seeps tragically into your subconscious and does not let go. May tells the story of a VERY lonely young women. A young women, who for virtually her entire life has not only been without friendship, but been encouraged by her own mother to live this way. Over the years she has become tremendously introverted despite her desire to meet and make friends. Although there are opportunities for connections, May just cannot suppress her natural and somewhat disturbing personality quirks, and as a result: push people away. Sadly, this trend of failed connections continues as May makes one last futile attempt at friendship with both her co-worker and a handsome film student (Jeremy Sisto). So what is a lonely, slightly unstable, and potentially violent young woman do to gain a friend? Why make one of course. So many pretty parts, and no pretty wholes.


Director: Lucky McKee
Starring: Angela Bettis and Jeremy Sisto

9/10 Farmhouses ~ Chris Conduit

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