Thursday, March 25, 2010

The MARCH of Death, Day 24: Necromentia

This will most definitely be my shortest MARCH of Death review to date. No, not because I’m drunk, lazy, or getting called to the bedroom lustily by my wife. That last one NEVER happens. The reason being, I am so strongly attached to and effected by Pearry Reginald Teo’s Necromentia, that my only hope is that you to can have the same pure, untainted, and horrific experience I had when I first had the pleasure of viewing it. The nightmarish imagery and intricately woven narrative that has spewed forth from Teo’s mind’s eye is something to behold. Love, lust, anger, betrayal, and revenge unfold poetically and viscerally in equal parts. Whether you are following Hagen , Travis, Morbius, or Mr. Skinny (yes I said Mr. Skinny) you can’t help but find a part of your deepest and sometimes darkest being within them. There have been Clive Barker references made and it certainly goes without saying that some of the imagery and themes contained within are parallel. But where Barker’s tales choose to grab you by the balls and shake you into submission; Teo grabs ‘em, massages them, and then rips ‘em right the fuck off. I only wish I knew what it meant to love the way Necromentia’s principles love: if I did, I’d be more than happy to go to hell and back. As it is now, what we genre fans have is a film that clearly carved out a moment in our lives and a filmmaker who has frightened and aroused our collective souls at the very same time.

Director: Pearry Reginald Teo
Starring: Layton Matthews and Chad Grimes

9/10 Farmhouses ~ Chris Conduit

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