Tuesday, March 2, 2010

' THE DEAD LIGHT DISTRICT' *Exclusive* Press Release

Hot off the press like pancakes off a griddle, Kevin Jamison extends his friendship with Horrorland and gives us the exclusive press release for 'The Dead Light District', a film produced by All Night Pictures, which is written/directed by Kevin (K.M) Jamison. Kevin's recent disturbance of talent was shown in Serial: Amoral Uprising which was produced by SpectrumVideo, LLC. If this is any indication of what Serial: Amoral Uprising is, then horror fans, this new film could exactly be like a pimple, it pops it's brutal nature once, and a mushroom cloud erupts from it.

Based out of modern day Chicago, the Dead Light District is an independent true crime thriller that will be produced in the same spirit of classic crime films such as Maniac, The Midnight Meat Train, Zodiac and The New York Ripper while having the production value and story telling aspects inspired by directors such as David Fincher, James Wan & Martin Scorsese.
The Dead Light District tells the story of 27 year old Jonah Sharp (Christopher Howell), a former award winning crime journalist in Chicago desperately searching for a way to save his failing career from an early and unexpected retirement. After being fired from the Chicago Tribune for a number of reasons Jonah is forced to take employment writing a celebrity sleaze column, a job that begins to slowly eat away at his pride and self-esteem. In an effort to regain his own recognition as a true crime journalist Jonah accepts an unlikely assignment given to him to seek out information regarding a string of gruesome murders being reported around the Red Light District. 

A desolate part of the city that serves as a haven for criminal activity. An assignment that serves as a life changing event for Jonah when he becomes witness to the brutal homicide of a prostitute who is murdered by the same psychopath responsible for all of the prior killings being discovered around the District. Things go from bad to worse for Jonah after suddenly receiving a gift from an anonymous “reader”. An unusual gift that lands him face to face with the only one capable of saving his career by any means necessary.

Here's a look at the in dept cast featured in The Red Light District: You can continue on reading about the cast in each link we set up for you so you can get familiar with each cast member.







 I encourage you all to follow along the journey of this film, you can do that over at http://www.deadlightmovie.com/ Here at Horrorland, we'll bring you as much information we can about the film. Look out for trailers and still which are soon to follow.

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