Sunday, February 21, 2010

'MOTHER'S DAY' On The Holding Block! Latest Details

Director Darren Lynn Bousman's 'Mother's Day' seems to be a little held up in the air for a few different reasons.  It's originally scheduled to be released in theaters on Mother's Day. There for we will not be seeing anything about this release in the near future until further notice. The director has spoken on his own blog about some circumstances involving the star studded cast. He's stated that he's had some stress in editing certain details of the film. Stay tuned to the latest as things could change like a baby's diaper.

Darren talked about this in his blog :

When the script came in for Mothers Day, the film’s producer Richard Saperstein pointed out that there were a lot of characters in the script. Like SAW 2, I laughed it off, and said I can handle it. Now, here I am in post, again crying… Not because it’s hard to keep track of everyone, but because every single person in this movie is AMAZING and I don’t want to cut one frame of their performances… They gave me GOLD – and GOLD shall I deliver. But, alas, part of the post process is cutting down scenes, performances, and story to fit in cohesive, dramatic fashion… AND NOT BE 6 hours long…

What strikes me about Mothers Day is how gut wrenching and dramatically unrelenting it is – this ISN’T really a horror film as much a thriller – but damn it’s INTENSE… In SAW the violence and gore was the main character after Jigsaw… In REPO! the music was the main character after the Repo Man. In Mothers Day, the CHARACTERS are the main characters. It’s exciting to me as a filmmaker to finally be able to showcase the story, and the script, and let the gore take a back seat. That being said – Mothers Day is a violent movie, but it contains the type of violence that lives in the background, not fights for attention in foreground. Mothers Day is the type of film that punches you in the gut, due in large part by the amazing performances given from the cast.

In my opinion, Mothers Day is the most intense movie I have worked on… Not intense due to senseless violence, exaggerated gore, or flashy editing – this is intensity brought on by the amazing ensemble cast –  the story, and the moments…

Source: Bloody-Disgusting