Thursday, February 25, 2010

Horrorland *Exclusive* 'MARCH of Death'

The MARCH of Death
We imagine that all of you out there in Horrorland can wholeheartedly identify with our genuine love of Halloween. Many people think of Christmas as less of a day and more of a season; We feel the very same way about All Hallows Eve. This time we look upon this time of the year in many different ways: apple cider, the drop in temperatures, dry leaves falling from the trees and dancing in the wind, jack-o-lanterns, the list goes on and on. However, for us, this wonderful celebration (for many years) has been all about the 31 Days of Halloween. This is a horror enthusiast's wet dream. A time when we hunker down and commit to our love of the genre. A time when for 31 straight days we watch a different horror film each day for the entire month of October. So, more than the little ones running around in latex and face paint, more than the crisp crackle of candied apples, and those little bastards that smash pumpkins each year; we miss the 31 Days of Halloween more than we're comfortable to admit.

In order to set our emotional compass back to due north and ease the Halloween home sickness deep in the belly, we hereby announce the MARCH of Death! That's right, it's back!!! For the month of March, Chris will once again be watching a film a day for 31 days. This list always consists of old favorites, recent fair, and of course; desperately trying to make a dent in the pile of DVDs that we never seem to get around to. So whether you play along, go off on your own, or just want to stop by and see what's going on with the MARCH of Death, here's how it'll work. Below you will find a list of all 31 films I will commit to watch in March. As Chris watches a film, you can check back here and get a quick overview of each viewing and what he thought of it. Hopefully in the process you can get turned on to something you may not have seen before. At the very least, if we happen to watch a turd, maybe the reviews can save you 90 minutes of pain and suffering. So, without further delay... My 31 films for the MARCH of Death:

On the right hand side of the page you'll be able to vote as to which film you like best out of this batch: Make your bloody picks, think long and hard cause there's some juicy cherries in there.

A Nightmare on Elmstreet
The Evil Dead
White Zombie
Zombie Holocaust
The Orphanage
The Abominable Dr Phibes
Ginger Snaps
The Bride of Frankenstein
A Tale of Two Sisters
The Legend of Hell House
Altered States
Jacob's Ladder
The Birds
Dog Soldiers
The Funhouse
Spider Baby
House of the Devil
Red Velvet
Staunton Hill
Eden Lake
The Horseman

By Chris Conduit


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Great idea!

Frailty is actually one of my favourites.

I'll be stopping by to see what's what!

"RATED R" [JohnnyHorror] said...

Excellent! Thanks Sarah

Anonymous said...

SPIDER BABY is the shit! This is a great list, actually. Only a couple I haven't seen or don't own.

"RATED R" [JohnnyHorror] said...

Thanks Suze! There's a few on the list I haven't seen myself. REC 2 is the one I really an anxious on seeing.