Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Happy Birthday To Me' review

A golden age shocker! A film in the eyes of horror fans that has more class then a 10 carrot diamond ring.This film in my opinion is not only a horror film but it has a mixture of mystery that keeps you guessing till the very end. There are very few films in the new generation that can actually hold your interest and keep you thinking, 'Happy Birthday To Me", is the very best in that category. The film is long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting. Not only does it deliver some of the most over the top gruesome death scenes, it does them with style, and I'm not talking about a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, I'm talking about violence, stylish violence that's comparable to plugging your nose and mouth while you sneeze and having it come out of your ears. "Happy Birthday To Me", is that sick, twisted, double stacker of a movie, I kid you not.

Virginia (Melissa Sue Anderson) just wants to fit in at the Crawford Academy, a private school filled with rich kids that were born with  silver spoons shining out of their ass. Virgina is known well to her friends and are considered "The Top 10" which refers to as the snottiest kids in school. Virgina who survives a freak accident, suffers from memory loss and frequent traumatic blackouts. As she attempts to regain her life, terrible things start to surface from the grave.

The movie then introduces Virgina's psychiatrist Dr. David Faraday (Glenn Ford), He is there to help Ginny cope with her post traumatic situation, which involves a car accident that claimed the life of her mother and put her in the hospital with a brain injury. Ginny needs the shrink more than she knows because she's starting to experience a few bizarre problems. She sees things others don't see on occasion, and she wonders if it's a game involving members of the Top 10.

There's a problem though, Someone is going around killing off the members of the Top 10 in particularly vicious and cruel ways. Stylish scenes of bloodshed that are mesmerizing as riding a roller coaster for the first time and feeling like your going to throw up. Infamous, to say the least. These particular scenes don't suffer from insanity, they enjoy every minute of it: For example, loudmouth Steve expires when the killer shoves a shish kebob through his mouth, to a pompous motorcyclist that dies when the killer tosses his scarf into the spinning wheel of his dirt bike, Don't take these murders too seriously, you won't get out alive.

Virginia fears she might be the one behind the killings due to possible problems with her surgery. The truth, which comes in a unbelievable and shocking and somewhat deranged way leaves more twists and turns then a cork on a wine bottle.

This movie has some different inventive murders and by far covered a ton worth of scenery, especially the ending scene with the explosive thunderstorm and vivid shots of corpses hovering over the kitchen table. The ending was like having too much blood in your caffeine system, It truly out shined most endings of a horror movie. There was just something about this movie, It was a little different than the regular stuff."Happy Birthday To Me", is like sex on television, it can't hurt you unless you fall off.

I Am What I Say I Am "RATED R" [JohnnyHorror]

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