Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Five Across The Eyes Review

I knew that some point in my life that I would come across a horror movie that would leave me speechless, Five Across The Eyes, is one of them films.

Five Across The Eyes is one if not the most disturbing, demented horror movies ever made. A film by Greg Swinson and Ryan Thiessen with actress Danielle Lilley which I have spoke to on occasion "a round of applause for them", this film is very low budget which has provoked my hands to tremble as I type, Why? because It looks so REAL! Very close to how The Last House On the Left look back in the early 1970's, the footage feels raw, kinda like a snuff film, and you keep thinking to yourself am I watching a real life snuff film or a movie? The federal government would have a friggen field day with this film, it is The ultimate experience of TERROR, this is one that demands to be seen for anyone that wants to be scared, downright BRUTAL!

Five Across The Eyes starts off on the back roads of Tennessee where five girls are heading home after a football game, a foolish detour and a hit and run accident will soon lead to a night filled with carnage, degradation and RAW, I MEAN RAW BRUTALITY.

As these girls are soon cornered and have no place to turn, they are humiliated and forced to take all of their clothes off by this psycho beast. The psycho then makes one of the girls urinate on her clothes in an ultimate humiliating way. After the humiliating is done all the girls try to make an escape in their SUV, which most of the movie takes place in, like I said low budget but extremely real looking, almost like I was there myself and you to will feel
the same way while watching this.

Now they are being chased by the killer in a high speed chase through the back roads of the woods and all the girls are trying to think of ways to get the car behind them to crash, one girl and I mean this is sick, she takes a dump and throws it out the window to have it smashe on the windshield of the car chasing them, F'ing SICK!  The killer does not show any damn mercy in the film, the unthinkable happens as she sodomized one girl with a screwdriver and left her bleeding like a stuck bull at a Mexican bull fighting game.

Scenes like this are happening left and right and they offer some sadistic torture ever captured on film. Towards the end we have girls that have been shot, had their teeth knocked out, taped to the seat of the SUV, broken bones, all that crazy shit. I cant give away the ending, revenge is bitter sweet. Five Across The Eyes will GNAW at your conscience for days.... a remarkable debut feature from a film maker team that you'll be bragging about like I am now for years to come. The FEAR IS REAL. THE CARNAGE IS EXTREME. THIS IS FIVE ACROSS THE EYES!!

Five Across The Eyes - Official Trailer
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