Monday, January 25, 2010

Insanely violent trailer for 'BUCHERED'

Want violence? come get some!  Eleven Bravo Productions title 'BUCHERED' is scheduled to be released on February 9th, 2010. Typical situation surrounding high school students on their final vacation before they all head off to college. From the looks of the trailer below, it looks to like this film could be some fun, hell, why not? who doesn't love a good old fashion slasher flick? may not be the most original looking film but then neither is sex after you have it over and over with your significant other. The film is available for purchase on amazon

A group of teens take a small charter boat to an isolated island for one last party and to say their goodbyes before college. They have no idea that a convicted serial killer has escaped from the Maximum Security Prisons Death Row, taking cover on the very same island. With no working cell phones, no weapons and no way off the island, they must fight to survive as the Butcher picks them off one by one. 

Source Horrornewsnet

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