Saturday, January 9, 2010

Facebook Targeting Women? Here's a scoop!

Talk about green pus leaking from a boil, this news item really crawled up my skin. Recently, fellow horror news writer Dia Green has had her Facebook account deactivated due to a picture that apparently Facebook thought was inappropriate to some extent, who is facebook to complain about what can and can't be posted when we all have a choice to post what we want. I know of the rules and regulations of what and what not to post, I get it, but I don't think this should have suspended an account. Who ratted, that's the question? Did some little delinquent see something they shouldn't have and mommy caught them? who knows, in my opinion kids shouldn't even be allowed on a social networking sites. Maybe sites should take a maturity test of individuals before they release accounts. Anyways lets help get Dia Green back on Facebook so she can do what she loves and that's interacting with all of you horror fans!

Here's the so called controversial picture, not sure who this offended but I seen a fair share of naked women in my lifetime to know this picture was nothing more then an art form.

Here's a statement posted by Dia from Horror News Net

Hey everyone!
As all of you know, my profile was disabled from FaceBook almost two weeks ago. The day after it was deleted I set up a temporary page to let fans know that I was working on the problem but it was also deleted less than 11 hours later.

I had posted a photograph that can be seen here shortly before the profile was deleted but this same picture was on another person's site as well and their profile remains intact to this day. After repeated letters, forms, and even a petition page that can be found HERE made and supported by friends and fans, my profile still remains disabled. I have known many women who have had their profiles repeatedly deleted and reinstated for a lot worse infractions but it seems in my case something is different.

About a week after my profile was disabled, I started hearing tales of other women who are involved with the horror genre profile's being deleted. The latest was Nicole Kruex, who is loved and adored by all of us. What was her infraction, did she post an "inappropriate photo or content, did she impersonate the celebrity who is herself? No. It was simply deleted for no reason whatsoever.

We are not the only two this has happened to. It has happened to a girl who just announced that she would be published in the famous horror magazine Fanoria, it has happened to an actress who had some photos of herself (no nudity) covered in blood who announced a new film project, and countless other women in horror that I am starting to hear about.

So is it someone reporting us because they don't like what we do and FaceBook is blindly removing profiles based on random reports or is FaceBook themselves removing the profiles on their own accord?
After repeated attempts to get a hold of FaceBook to ask these questions I still have not recieved any response.

But another important question is, who is next? What have we done that would permit FaceBook to remove our profiles although nothing that we have posted has violated terms of the FaceBook code of rights? My PG-13 photo, Nicole's announcement of a nomination, bloody photos, magazine contributions, where does any of this fit into a violation?
We are asking for your help. When you put all of this together, we are looking at a form of discrimination from the facts that we have. None of us have done anything that other people do everyday and keep their profiles.
What we need you to do is repost this NOTE into your own profiles, blogs, etc and help us raise awareness. Because believe it or not, even if you are not in the horror industry, this blind and unfounded deletion can happen to ANY OF YOU. It may start with the women but it can move to men then people who have certain beliefs, then onto even more trivial things.

Please help us fight this fight and STOP THE RANDOM UNFOUNDED DELETIONS. Although people, I don't think this is TOO random.
We are at a loss. This hurts our careers, ability to keep up with family, friends and fans, and hurts our businesses and it is not fair.
Please repost this onto your own profiles and spread the word. Think about how you would feel if this happened to you.
Thank you so much for your time and support,


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

There is way more explicit content on Facebook than this. Not sure what the laws are in other countries for general viewing but here in the UK, if you can't see nipples then it's A OK. There's nothing wrong with this picture. Actually I quite like it. Oh ok, I love it.

"RATED R" [JohnnyHorror] said...

I totally agree! I really don't know myself what the laws are for posting pictures that are a little on the SEXY side but this picture is horror art and wasn't made to be sexual, well maybe just a little :)