Sunday, December 6, 2009

'COLD PREY 3' Trailer!

'COLD PREY 3' is on the horizon!  Cold Prey, the Norwegian slasher is set to be a trilogy. The first film has set the standard for this trilogy: A group of friends in their teenage years have planned a snowboarding trip to Jotunheimen, little did they know, a vicious killer that has been watching them since they arrived would track them down and kill them. The first film is an instant horror sanitizer, It was fresh out the bag! Loved the sheer violence deep in the icy wilderness where there's nowhere to go. I haven't seen the second film which is Cold Prey 2 as it has yet to be released in the states. Bloody-Disgusting says that the third installment will be released October 15, 2010.

Official Cold Prey 3 Website

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