Monday, October 12, 2009

Neil Marshall Eye Pops "BURST' in 3D

We know the name from films like The Descent, Dog Soldiers and Doomsday. This time director Neil Marshall is back with a fright flick produced by Sam Raimi of Ghost House productions, this new film is called 'BURST." My thoughts of Marshall working with Raimi are running rampant, this could be off the charts!

The plot seems interesting,  travelers fleeing in a blizzard that are hunted and killed off by spontaneous combustion, that could be a recipe of destruction.

Empire Online reports that Interestingly enough, Burst will mark the first time that Marshall won’t direct from his own script, with Gary Dauberman instead taking on Final Draft duties. But Burst also sounds like something Marshall could have come up with – in a way, it could be a cross between Dog Soldiers’ wacky premise and the cold claustrophobic terror of The Descent – so we’re looking forward to this already.
Raimi will produce the movie, along with his producing partner, Rob Tapert. Lionsgate will stump up the cash, which indicates that this could well become a franchise.

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